Pediatric Foot Care

Foot problems are common in children due to their high levels of physical activity, but it is easy for the signs and symptoms of underlying foot issues to go unnoticed because of children's' resiliency. Common symptoms to look out for include ankles turning in more than usual, foot arch flattening, cramping and, in some cases, a drastic change in physical activity level or the lack of desire to play outside.

Common pediatric conditions include:

  • Painful heels (calcaneal apophysitis)

  • Bunions (hallux valgus)

  • Flatfeet (pes planovalgus)

Every bone in the foot has a growth plate,and many of them remain open, allowing growth, through the teenage years.  Before the growth plate is closed and fully developed, foot problems in youth can be difficult to treat, requiring a complex, specialized approach. Dr. Baxter is specially trained in this area of caring for bones that are still developing in children.

Pediatric Foot Care